Adopting Ian

This blog's purpose is to document and celebrate the adoption of our son from Taiwan. His name is Ian James and we want to share this experience with our friends and family, and to encourage others to consider adoption as well. Please visit often and feel free to post comments or contact us!

Name: James & Heather Woosley
Location: Alabama, United States

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just One More Thing...

Tax day came and went last month, and we managed to stop procrastinating just in time to get Ian's social security number. I went to the SSN office in Mobile, AL a week before the tax filing deadline. They couldn't give me the number there, and it would be 10-14 days before the card would arrive in the mail. But they said I could stop back by in a few days and they could give it to me.

Great. But I'm working in Hattiesburg, MS now. Could I pick it up at any SSN office?

Amazingly, this is one area where the government built in some common sense and flexibility! A few days later I got the number, finished the taxes and sent them in before the deadline.

There was only one other problem, and that's our fault again. We have one more bit of paperwork to file, and that's for Ian's certificate of citizenship. Once we get it, we have to go back to social security to change is status in their system. I'd hate for him to miss out on benefits in 70 years that won't be there anyway! :)

So technically, that's two things (get the CoC and take it to SSN). But we'll get around to it.

What is the deal with the procrastination? After all, Ian's been home for over a year now. I think there are a number of factors, and first is my hatred of government paperwork. It's a necessary evil, but I always put it off. Heather did most of the adoption paperwork for this very reason.

Second, we're both procrastinators. At least we are for a lot of things.

Third, Ian's already home. He's in our arms and eating our food and piercing our ears with his amazingly high-pitch shrieks. The point is he's already ours. It was a lot easier filling the days until he'd get home by doing paperwork that would help him get here. The motivation is just not there.

So we have to get our heads back on and complete the task. It's not fun, but it's got to get done.

I'll post again after Ian's second birthday and maybe report that the CoC forms are in the mail. Maybe.