Adopting Ian

This blog's purpose is to document and celebrate the adoption of our son from Taiwan. His name is Ian James and we want to share this experience with our friends and family, and to encourage others to consider adoption as well. Please visit often and feel free to post comments or contact us!

Name: James & Heather Woosley
Location: Alabama, United States

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Family Update

Posts are few and far between these days, but that's because most of the actual adoption work is done now. This week we received the official copies of Ian's Alabama birth certificate, which means we can apply for his SSN and I can do the taxes. The only other item is the Certificate of Citizenship.

Taxes and adoption. Not my favorite subject lately, and probably another reason I haven't written anything on here lately. I'm mad and I was afraid I'd rant like a madman.

Basically, because our court date was moved from December to January, the adoption wasn't finalized for tax purposes in 2005. That's because of the type of visa that Ian was issued. Since Heather didn't travel to Taiwan, we didn't get the visa that the IRS requires. What does all this mean?

It means that while we can claim Ian as a dependant for 2005, we cannot claim the Adoption Tax Credit until we file our 2006 taxes in 2007. That means we wait another year before we can begin claiming the extra $10,000 tax credit we're due.

This is so much worse than having a kid born at 12:01 am on January 1st! :)

I'm mad and I'm frustrated, but at least Ian is in our arms and not on the other side of the world still.

I'll keep posting here from time to time until all the paperwork is done. In the meantime, visit my other home on the web at