Adopting Ian

This blog's purpose is to document and celebrate the adoption of our son from Taiwan. His name is Ian James and we want to share this experience with our friends and family, and to encourage others to consider adoption as well. Please visit often and feel free to post comments or contact us!

Name: James & Heather Woosley
Location: Alabama, United States

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Probate Court Update

We now have a date of 6 Jan 2006 for the Probate Court. There's a remote chance we'll get that changed to a December date, but unless we hear something soon, that's not going to happen.

I sure hope that doesn't mess up claiming the Adoption Tax credit next year!

I'll keep updating the blog as long as we have things left to wrap up, so that will be another month or two at least. But in preparation of it going into the archives, I've created my new blog for other topics (but including family stuff). The address is I'm still wrapping up the design and some functions, but I'll let you get in on the early preview. It'll take time to get the content going, but put it in your bookmarks!

Christmas pictures to come soon!